Old skool rides & tours

Ezy Driver provides a unique experience for those with a passion for the best of the 80's and early 90's model old skool rides.

Perfect for a corporate day out of the office, special occasions or overseas visitors wishing to learn more about New Zealand's favourite old past time... roady's and rarkys!

Specialising in providing highly skilled & entertained drivers who can handle the good old beasts on NZ's tricky roads we can provide you a memorable day out in some of our finest growing collection of mint standard rides or modified angry classic old skool machines.

Whether you just want to go for a quick hoon in the afternoon or a full day down at the strip or track we can help.

Call us today on 0800 399 374 (local) +64 27 482 4783 (international) or email bookings@ezydriver.co.nz to discuss your requirements.


transport solutions

  • Ideal for serious business professionals
  • We cater for group sizes 1 to 3 passengers only (at least one hot chick required)
  • Young fella's who think they know it all but don't & need a lesson in awesomeness
  • Old fella's in there early 30's wanting to relive the glory days

Example tours include but not limited to:

  • Gutter drifting, kidnappings & abductions with James C
  • Messy stag do cruises & angry Jake pub debacles with James W
  • Illegal drags out south side adventures with Dana I
  • Time trial racing to Piha after midnight with Adam G
  • Roundabout drifting & how to lose your licence disorderly street carnage with Stu T
  • Off roading in the west side & how to hit stationery parked Fords with Daryl B
  • Manual turbo rear wheel drive ruthless driver training with Stu T
  • How to make your car mysteriously 'disappear' never to be found again with Adam G and Richard P
  • Diesel theft rollbacks & trays in front wheel drive car-park tours with Richard P
  • Green bin ram-raids, chlorine bomb vandalism, fire & heroin excursions with Richard P
  • Bad-ass bog & backyard spray jobs with Dana I
  • High performance chopped springs & Maori styles cold air intake mods with Daryl B
  • Actual for real high HP dyno tuning & mods in a strange westy garage with Jon S
  • Cruising for rota hoes & car sluts in general with Steve F
  • Fat chick minivan roadys with Duran B
  • Corporate dial-a-princess services with Sara D


Our vehicles

  • We import our own vehicles. Want to import a classic 20 years or over? contact us and we can help save you money getting into your dream old skool ride


  • 89 NZ New Toyota Supra 5 Speed 251KW at the wheels
  • 96 Mitsi EVO 4 5 Speed - one of the finest standard examples in NZ
  • 70's Mazda 808 12A Bridgeport.
  • 89 Mazda RX7 Series 4 Savanna Convertible
  • 90's Mazda RX7 Series 6 - high horsepower 400HP+ big single turbo conversion scary thrills ride!
  • 04 Honda Accord Euro R Manual
  • 87 Toyota Starlet GT
  • 90 Nissan Sileighty Turbo Manual
  • Plus many more on request or on the water from Japan!


Package deal Pricing

Auckland > Cornwallis Day Trip - short and sweet west side cruise into the bush with a bit of sideways in the twistys guaranteed! $190

Auckland > Miranda / Kaiaua Day Trip - some of the fastest, less congested beautiful scary fun rides you can have $390

Auckland > Meremere Dragway - Strap on your helmet, smoke it up and break some 1/4 mile records!

Auckland > Pukekohe Raceway - Ride shotgun with NZ Track Day for 3 x 10 lap stints

Auckland > Hampton Downs

Auckland > Taupo Race Track


Terms & Conditions:

  • Prices include all taxes, tolls, fuel, commercial insurance including luggage cover & unlimited travel distance throughout New Zealand
  • Ezy Driver is not responsible for your death if you die during any of our old skool adventures. At least you'll die in firey style
  • Police fines whether your fault or not are passed onto you at cost. Refunds not available if you end up in jail


What our happy customers are saying:

"Adam was Great! his GTI-R Sentra Sedan really pulls the bitches!" - from big Richy P - April 2015

"Stu wouldn't slow down and I nearly spewed up hooning through Cornwallis, fkn prick!" - from James W - December 2000

"I got so excited once my gums starting bleeding" - Ryan W - April 1999

"Get Kevin on you!" - David H - every day

"My TX3 did a burnout once. I think" - Nick A - March 1998