Contract extension for 'Agent' customers

Who are the Agents? 

Currently Ezy Driver has a contract agreement between the following two suppliers:

'Dot Transfers' Click here to see their Auckland page and learn more.

'HotelBeds' Click here to learn a bit more.

In May 2017 Ezy Driver signed an agreement with US based company Dot Transfers to supply a full suite of passenger transport services for Auckland. They are the Expedia of corporate transport servicing some of the biggest clients in the world in over 350 cities. Some of their clients are big multi-nationals such as airlines, hotel chains, insurance and technology companies.

Demand for Auckland has reached a point where they are now looking for suppliers. Ezy Driver is the first and currently only approved supplier for Dot Transfers.

Additionally demand for international transfers into Auckland has increased in general. We have partnered with HotelBeds offering basic transfers to and from the airport and ferry terminals to their accommodation. Customers who book a hotel in Auckland e.g. the Sofitel have the option to book a transfer within the room booking transaction. That booking is created within the Dot Transfers or HotelBeds system and automatically sent to us.

The customer is unaware the service is provided by us and usually think it's just a private driver or taxi sent from the hotel.

Once the customer is in our possession you can promote Ezy Driver's range of services to secure additional private hire work.

Are you interested? if so please fill out the details below so I can help get you started.


How does it all work?

Once your up and running the procedure is this:

- Ezy Driver operator gets an email booking and must respond to accept it within 30 minutes before it's passed onto another supplier. Jobs have a minimum of 2 hours notice and operates 24/7

- Once the operator accepts the booking they will dispatch it to an available driver. Drivers are selected by the operator using the current criteria outlined in your current contractor agreement

- The driver has 15 minutes to respond 'yes' or 'no' before the next driver is contacted

- Once the driver has said yes the operator will send through a calendar invite with the booking details and/or a text message

- Where airport meet & greet sign boards are required you will be sent a template to print and take with you.


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- Hourly rates as per your current contractor agreement apply when using a company supplied vehicle

- Commission if using your own vehicle is 70% of the advertised retail rate. 15% commission to the agent and 15% margin for Ezy Driver. Your 70% is shown in the chart below

- As per your contractor agreement; jobs that are 2 hours or less have a commission rate of 80%. This contract extension overrides this rule. 70% now applies for all agent bookings irrelevant of timing

- Each job is a minimum of one hour. Fixed rate jobs such as city > airport transfers also apply irrelevant to time

- Prices are in NZD, include GST and city relocation costs. The chart below gives you an indication of payout for some common fixed price transfers

- For airport pick-up transfers an allowance of 60 minutes waiting time from the time the plane lands is included in the rate.

- After 60 minutes has passed without being able to make phone contact with the customer the job will be a 'no-show' and you'll be paid the normal rate

- For airport transfers to or from the city 45 minutes travel time is included in the rate

- Additional chargeable time is rounded up to the next 15 minute block for Dot Transfers bookings only. HotelBeds fixed rates apply regardless of time

- You must send a Glympse to when you are on your way to the pick-up destination. Set it for 2 hours and include the pick-up or drop-off address in the app. This will be shared with the agent so they can advise the customer of our progress in real time.