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1) Up-sell Ezy Driver services such as wedding car & minivan hire, vineyard tours & more. Earn 10% commission on every sale.

2) Dress to impress. Be the best dial-a-driver that customer has ever had to secure tips & referrals for more repeat business. Write your name on the back of an Ezy Driver card and mention they can request you for their next booking.

Shift options
Let us know what sort of work you'd like to do this week.
Need assistance?
Looking for a lead or chase driver to pair with?we'll help find someone awesome for you no problem.
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So I know which week we're talking about, enter a date for the first day in the week you can work. Note it's MONTH / DAY / YEAR. Annoying but can't change it sorry!
E.g. Hey I can work Genesis shuttle all day Tuesday and Wednesday & dial a driver Friday Saturday from 7 if you can find me a sexy chase driver?.

Genesis shuttle roster - week 10 29/02/16 - 28/02/16

Monday shift 1: Stu. Shift 2: Denise.

Tuesday shift 1: Denise. Shift 2: Frank.

Wednesday shift 1: Frank. Shift 2: Denise.

Thursday shift 1: Denise. Shift 2: Stu.

Friday shift 1: Mike. Shift 2: Stu. CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.