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this page is for you the drivers to share ideas and have as a guide, share stories, customer feedback and general Ezy driver policy.

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E.g. I reckon we should have a party! or this customer asked me out what do I do?

Ezy Driver policy

dress code

Quick answer: Corporate styles.

Your dress code must allow you to access the most upmarket restaurants & bars in town to reach your customers, network with staff & deliver cards.

As most customers are corporate types, the best drivers are ones which can relate to them. This includes being able to chat about like minded topics to wearing a similar style dress code. This helps put the customer at ease giving them confidence in your ability to be reliable and drive their car safely. It also helps with networking & securing repeat business for yourself & Ezy Driver.

Guys: Collared shirt and black blazer. Tie optional. Dark jeans or trousers with dark shoes. Name badge. P license around the neck optional.

Girls: Bikini (optional & depends on the driver :). Nice jacket, dress or trousers, shirt etc. Name badge. P license around the neck optional.



basic do's and do not's when driving clients cars

Do. Drive like a pro, super smooth and within the road rules of NZ. Drive the car like it's worth double the amount it's really worth and give the customer the ultimate confidence in your ability.

Do not. Speed or do burnouts even if the customer says give it heaps. Do not change lanes all the time, late brake etc. Predict the braking points and bends well in advance in order to never hit cats eyes in the road or jerk the car when coming to a halt.

Do. Drive the car down the drive and park it nicely for them in the way they would normally like. The chase driver should follow. Ask the customer first as some may not want you on the property. Note that most accidents & insurance claims occur in customers driveway's so you have any doubts about safely driving on their property pass the responsibility onto the customer.

Do not. Talk too much or too negative. Some customers like to sit in silence so you should do the same apart from asking directions and minor positive small talk. Avoid negative chit chat such as politics, any personal issues you may have etc.

Do. Talk positive and be a promoter. If the customer is a chatty one, keep it light hearted and fun. Talk about what they want to talk about & get on the same level / buzz as them when possible. It will help the customer feel relaxed, more likely to tip you and ask for you again in the future. Take the opportunity to be an Ezy Driver promoter and mention our extra services such as tours, minivans etc.



general customer code of conduct

Don't try and kiss them or grope them no matter how hot they are. This goes both ways, should you feel threatened or insecure with the customers actions especially when intoxicated or abusive, tell them to stop and if necessary, pull over and contact the police, *555 or simply drive away in the chase car and contact the Ezy Driver office. We will then write to the customer and get payment from them.

Some customers in really intoxicated situations may be difficult to handle. With experience you'll be able to learn just by looking at them at the start of the job whether they could become a nuisance. Issues could be the inability to pay or argue over price, spew risk, too drunk to navigate you to their home etc. You have the right to accept or refuse a job before entering their vehicle and should play it safe should even the slightest bit of risk become evident.

Sometimes the right driver for the right customer is required. Male / Female driver teams work best. Drunk women can be jealous therefore it's better a male driver drive. Should their be children it's often better to have a female driver. Rowdy guys can all of a sudden behave sensibly when there's a women driving their car compared with guys who they might gang up on. Matching the right driver / customer personality is key.




Help my EFTPOS machine stopped working - zip zaps required. First world problems still happen unfortunately, here's the workaround:

1) Get cash instead.

2) Zippy zappys. These work for debit and credit cards only. Visa, Master card, Diners, American Express & Taxi Charge cards accepted.

Not accepted are: Bartercard, EFTPOS, RD1, Farmlands card, Cardlink cards, Fuel cards, Farmers Q Cards.

You can fill these out after swiping the card on the zip zap machine or if no machine use a pen. If you have no zip zap receipts write the following card details on the job sheet and supply an Ezy Driver business card as the receipt. A) Full card number B) Expiry date(check it's not expired) C) full customers name D) customers phone number E) Date of transaction F) Description 'dial a driver'. G) Amount.

Customers may want cash out. For example to pay nanny's. You can add another 'description' line on the zip zap receipt called 'cash out'. Add 6% commission. For example $50 cash out charge them $53 and hand over $50. This covers the transaction fee associated with zip zap processing.


Fraud & dishonesty.

Money Handling:

Zip zap receipts must be kept in a secure storage location within your vehicle and delivered to the Ezy Driver office within the next processing date time. Typically Sunday or Monday. Should a zip zap be lost or misplaced contact the Ezy Driver office immediately so we can inform the customer. They may choose to cancel their card and we will chase up payment.

All cash must be kept in a safe secure location until presented to the Ezy Driver office. In some instances drivers can keep the cash for payment and be paid online for the difference. If cash is lost of mis-counted at the time of receipting the customer, any loss incurred is the sole responsibility of the driver team.

EFTPOS machines are not cheap. Damage or loss of an EFTPOS machine is the sole responsibility of the driver who has been allocated a machine. Costs may incur for repair or replacement.



Drivers are encouraged to actively promote Ezy Driver's services.


Golf tours

Vineyard & personalised NZ wide tours

Wedding cars & minivans

A commission of 10% of the total fare including GST capped at $200 incl GST is available for any driver who successfully promotes and sells a service to a client.

For example, a dial-a-driver team hands out a tours flyer and identifies the client is interested in a vineyard tour for his colleagues. The client makes an enquiry with Ezy Driver and books this tour. The tour is valued at $500 incl GST. The driver who promoted this tour is now eligible for a $50 commission on the next pay run after the job has been successfully completed.


termination of contract

Ezy Driver has the right to terminate a contractor agreement at anytime. 

Common reasons for doing so are:

- Seasonal demand.

- Failure of a drugs or alcohol test

- Proof of fraud or dishonesty. This may also result in a Police investigation

- Failure to meet the high standards of dress code & or customer service expectations

- Unreliability issues & or customer complaints

- General poor conduct as identified by Ezy Driver management of other contractors

- Failure to adhere to the Ezy Driver Health & Safety policy

- Expiration or disqualification of your drivers license and or endorsements

- Failure to correctly maintain a NZTA approved logbook


health and safety